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Staff Well-being

Staff Well-being

Staff well-being is very important to us at Banana Moon Harlow, and we always encourage staff to have open and honest communication with us. By doing this, it enables the well-being champions to fully support the teams' well-being. The manager Sian and the deputy manager Lauren are the well-being champions, and they are always trying to think up new ideas of how to support the team and letting the team have their input as a part of their job role.
The staff’s well-being is very important to us here at Banana Moon Harlow. To keep up to date with how staff are feeling and ensuring staff are confident within their job roles we offer staff meetings, supervisions, regular training, staff meals, a shout-out board, employee benefits, employee of the month and staff questionnaires.
To extend this further, Sian has been busy making each member of the team a well-being diary. This is where staff will be able to log daily how they are feeling and reflect on things, such as practice, routine, or room changes. The idea is that during their supervisions which start next month, it will allow Sian and Lauren a better understanding of what happens throughout the day in the eyes of the practitioner. The team and management will then be able to create a plan to support any changes that may need implementing.
 We are looking forward to seeing how these diaries work and how this will have a positive impact on the staff, children, and the whole nursery.

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