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Settling in at Banana Moon

Settling in at Banana Moon
Enquiries and Call Backs 

On our website there is an enquiry section which can be completed to request a call back. A member of the management team will send you an email or give you a call to discuss your interest in more detail. You will be offered an appointment to attend a tour of the nursery if you wish, which will allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and tell us more about you and your family. Trust us - there is never a thing as too many questions! 

How and When to Sign Up 

Once you have made a decision that you would like a place with the nursery, please complete the ‘Secure my Place’ form which will be given to you on the tour and return to the nursery as soon as possible. Once availability has been confirmed for the requested sessions, we will send the bank details to send your £50 non-refundable registration fee. Your child will be added to our system and your paperwork to be completed prior to your child’s first settle session will be sent out to you. 

The decision of when you think the time is right, is up to you. Some parents will begin to look for nursery placements a few months in advance to ensure the nursery can accommodate the days and sessions they require; however, other families take a longer time to make this decision, which is okay too. If we are not able to fulfil your request, we will offer you alternative sessions and the opportunity to be added to the waiting list for when the original requested sessions do become available. 

 Settles Sessions

Settle sessions will be organised for a week or two prior to the child’s official start date to allow you all time to settle. It can be quite overwhelming for some families, so we understand the importance of the settle sessions for everyone involved. There are many benefits to having these settle sessions, including gaining familiarity in a new environment, begin to build relationships with their key person and see what routine they will have. As to how many, we based this on the individual child and how they are on their first couple of settles. Usually, the settle sessions will be for around one to two hours, and a minimum of two sessions are advised before your child’s official start date. If we felt your child would need extra settle sessions, we will speak with you. 

What will my child need for nursery? 

It is always handy for your child to come to nursery with a bag. We recommend you pack; 

·         Coat
·         Spare clothes (2-3 outfits)
·         Nappies, wipes, and nappy rash cream 
·         Comforters 
·         Wellies 
·         Hat and gloves 
·         Sunhat and sun cream 
·         Spare underwear 
·         Spare socks

The Role of the Key Person

We believe it is important for the children to choose who they want their key person to be. This is usually identified by seeing who they have begun to form a strong relationship with. This sometimes is the room leader but can be anyone who works in the room. By completing this process, it supports the children to feel safe and happy as well as their parents. The child's key person and a key person buddy is mostly in charge of their development so they can provide activities to benefit all children in the set room. You can then share your worries, concerns, or wow moments with the key person, and they can do the same. It allows parents to have a first point of communication for their child.
 What will happen if my child is upset?  

Please do not worry, this is completely normal during the settling in process. Most children often get upset when leaving their parents or guardians and it is a part of our role that we show the children that they are safe and offer reassurance. They do not cry the whole time during the time they are settling (and if they were, we would always give you a call and ask to end the settle early to allow the child to leave on a positive note).  
 Each child is an individual and it is important to remember that. They do things in their own time but we, as early years practitioners, will always support them and give them comfort to guide them into their learning journey. 

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